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We are proud to announce that this week @Maximator Hydrogen founds partner company in the north of Paris

The manufacturer of hydrogen refueling stations Maximator Hydrogen from Nordhausen in Thuringia (Germany) founds its first European partner company: Maximator Hydrogen France. Thereby, the company relies on the long-standing relationship from the cooperation with international partners of Maximator GmbH. Local contacts generate precise project handling, guarantee reliable service and thus ensure maximum availability of the H2 plants. Know-how and trust built up over many years from the family business form a valuable basis for the cooperation and its development.

All steps towards the 1.5-degree target must always be thought of in European terms, or even globally. For us as a supplier of a key technology, it is therefore only logical to address this goal as a joint project with partner companies. With @Christophe Mony, we have an experienced sparring partner at our side who is moving in lockstep with us towards the 1.5 degree target – we trust each other completely,

It was a pleasure to hand you your own door sign and I look forward to rock the hydrogen future together! 🚀

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Fueling the Future together.

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