What is autofrettage?

Autofrettage is a process that induces residual compressive stresses on the internal walls of a tube, with the aim of significantly increasing the fatigue strength of it.
This consists in putting the tube under very high pressure.
The tube is thus subjected for a few seconds to a pressure (3,000 to 10,000 bar) which will generate a plastic deformation of the internal wall, which can be likened to pre-stress work hardening.


The benefit obtained is the extension of the life of your tubes, in particular when they are subjected to strong mechanical stresses such as high pressure.

This is often necessary in the installations for waterjet cutting, automotive, aeronautics, weapons or any other application related to severe conditions of high-pressure use.

MAXIMATOR France offers you to carry out this operation in our workshops in Rantigny (60) using our pressure test bench.

Do not hesitate to ask us about this subject and ask us for validation tests.