Reactor units of pilot laboratories

Reactor units of pilot laboratories

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Our strengths
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Reactor units of pilot laboratories

Our offer


Design and production of units built around reactors, autoclaves or pressure equipment:

Pressure range: from secondary vacuum (10-7 mbar) up to 4000 bar

Temperature range: -196 ° C to 1000 ° C

Volumes: 30 micro Liters up to several hundred liters

Materials: 304/316 stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel / with or without coating

Types of closure: flanged, screwed, quick opening, etc.

Function possibilities:


Injection system, batch or continuous

Hot / cold temperature regulation

Controlled flow syringe pump

Controlled flow syringe pump

Gas and / or liquid pressurization

Programming by PLC (cycling, ramps, etc.)

Installation under a hood, in modular construction, in a container

Fields & applications


Catalysis, Synthesis, Corrosion tests, Polymerization, Impregnation, envelope tensile machine, Supercritical fluid treatment, Hydrogenation, Rock mechanics, Cell…


Our strengths

The advantages of MAXIMATOR reactor units:

Our 30 years of experience and expertise in reactors and autoclaves.

Our benchmark status in the manufacture of custom autoclaves and pressure assemblies.

Our own design office, able to meet your specific needs.

Our own production workshop, with mechanical expertise in fluids and the manufacture of pressure vessels.

Our ability to also offer, upstream and downstream of these autoclaves, the production of pressurizing and warming benches, regulation, gas treatment, etc..;

Our team of field specialists, experienced in interventions on-site, both industrial and research laboratories.

Our commitment to Maximator France values.


Our technology

We adapt our design to:

Your needs in terms of size, material compatibility, pressure level and temperature

Your requirements and user expectations in terms of ergonomics, accessibility, maintenance

Normative and regulatory requirements (PED, CE, ATEX, nuclear, etc…)

… while advising them on the optimization of the proposed system, thanks to our expertise, our experience, in the field of reactors & autoclaves.