Bending, Coning & threading


Do you want to produce high-pressure piping, including cutting to length, bending, and machining of the taper threaded ends?

Do you lack the tools and qualified personnel?

You can entrust this realization to MAXIMATOR France.
Our teams, experienced in this type of service, and in possession of the appropriate tools, will assist you in completing your installations.
The work can be done in our workshops in Rantigny (60) or on your site.

Tuyautage – Cintrage :

Piping – Bending:

Diameters: 1/8 “to 1”

Pressure range: LP (1,000 bar), HP (4,500 bar), UHP (10,500 bar)

Bending radius according to MAXIMATOR or customer specification

Check connections by leak test

Cône-filetage :


Type: BP or HP threaded cone

Diameters: 1/4 “to 9/16”

Possibility of manual or machine production